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Flexibility that Can Only be Possible with Ally

We are your fastest stop for accessible capital, no string attached. Grow your business in an unconventional way relying on our wide range of loans specifically designed for thriving businesses. We work with you to create a flexible repayment plan that works for your business to ensure a steady and reliable funding that doesn’t hurt what you do. No long approval time, no collateral, no stringent rules.


Save for the Future while Retaining Access to Your Funds

To be that brand that comes to mind anytime you think of a reliable banking platform for a seamless access to adequate funding and cheaper alternative to proper banking.


We have designed simple banking solutions with bespoke products that cater for your business whatever size or kind it is. Leveraging on technology and constant innovation, we are leading banking away from its traditional role, as a money store house, into a tech-oriented space furnished with what it takes to help your business grow. Our range of accounts is designed to suit your banking needs and support your business to meet your financial objectives. Open an account today!

1. Sole Proprietorship / Enterprise Account

Honesty brought us thus far, we won’t stop now that we are in partnership.

2. Partnership Accounts

Human relationships can get complicated but Ally’s Partnership Account helps you distinguish business from relationships. Our Partnership Accounts help you put necessary finance structures in place to allow you run an effortless business.

3. Clubs, Societies, Associations

Access easy finance and accounting tools and adequate savings features. This account is specially designed to cater for Societies, Associations and Clubs and meet their transactional needs. Cooperative societies and similar organizations can also have access to funds, through low interest loans, in furtherance of their social objectives.

4. Corporate Account

Our partnership with your business, through effective banking, coupled with the continued support and corporate finance tool we offer, ranks Ally Corporate Account first among equals. You won’t be wrong to consider us your most valuable business a9 sset.

5. Trust Funds

We are your long term and lifelong partner to preserving sustainable wealth for future purposes. Ally is committed to the core banking integrity to fill up the funding gaps, through our corporate trust funding schemes, when the need arises.

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