Save for the Future While Retaining Access to Your Funds

Save for the Future While Retaining Access to Your Funds

It doesn’t matter if you have a specific goal you’re saving for or if you just want to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected, a savings account is the cornerstone of your finances. At Ally, we give you incredible savings options with impeccable benefits such as attractive interest rate and flexible withdrawal policy that works best for your business.

Target savings

Go ahead and set the goals, as your ally we have everything you need to meet them through target saving options. We are your ally to wealth accumulation and capital preservation for project execution. We don’t just save your money, we help you grow it with explosive interest rates created just for you.

Demand deposits

No matter how little or how much, we’ve got you! Ally’s Demand Deposit Account offers you the saving flexibility that is suitable to your pocket. Earn interest on your savings while retaining access to your money whenever you need to.

Fixed deposit

Your drop, no matter how little, may form a mighty ocean with Ally’s fixed deposit account. Our fixed deposit account allows you to earn more interest on your lump sum investment from a period as short as one month to up to a year. The peck of our fixed deposit account include:

  • Attractive interest on your investment
  • Professionally managed saving portfolio
  • Limited windows for interest withdrawal during saving tenor
  • Flexible saving plan that suits your needs

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