Flexibility that can only be possible with Ally

Flexibility that can only be possible with Ally

We are your fastest stop for funds, no string attached. Grow your business in an unconventional way relying on our wide range of loans specifically designed for thriving businesses. We work with you to create a flexible repayment plan that works for your business to ensure a steady and reliable funding that doesn’t hurt what you do. No long approval time, no collateral, no stringent rules.

Micro loans

Access up to one million through our micro loan products designed as short-term intervention funds to finance your personal lifestyle or boost your business. Our micro loans come with flexible repayment plans and favourable interest rates.

Sale and lease buyback (Car4Cash)

Your granny’s house doesn’t have to go in as collateral, we’ve got you covered. With just your car, you can access up to NGN5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) loan. No excessive procedure or paper work, just a form you can fill in less than a minute.

Solar Financing

We are helping business owners access a cheaper energy alternative to create a more conducive business environment for themselves through our flexible solar financing in partnership with Hisotech.


Now, you can afford anything and everything using Ally’s leases. Through our lease services you can finance the acquisition of any assets of your dream as well as necessary tools and machineries in furtherance of your business operations.

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